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Dec 18, 2017

Miles and Justin (from The CHUD Show) discuss The Last Jedi in a spoiler adjacent conversation. But let's be real here: if you haven't seen the movie you, then you should NOT listen to this episode. There's no spoiler warning in the episode itself, so don't go in expecting one.

By the same token, we're not actively trying to give away major spoilers for the movie, it just so happens that a few crop up in the conversation. Again, tread lightly.

We also briefly brush up against Wish Upon, Geostorm, Happy Death Day, The Commuter, Non-Stop and the Nightmare on Elm Street series!

Apr 27, 2017

Miles runs through the filmic offerings of Summer 2017 to help you determine the "fuds" from the "duds."

Feb 22, 2017

Miles cleanses your chakras, free of charge!

Back to the regular show next week!

Feb 16, 2017

Miles explores Valentine's day eroticism before delving into The X-Men and movies.

Feb 9, 2017

Open lines tonight, which ends up meaning a lot of movie talk, leading to the definitive list of the Top Ten Comedies Of All Time (according to Rotten Tomatoes).

Feb 2, 2017

Miles attempts to elect a new Young Pope, write a crossover between The Boy and The Bye Bye Man and eventually recasts Entourage for a new generation.

Jan 26, 2017

Good morning,

This is the first episode of PURE JAZZ? In this installment, we discuss which celebrities Miles has seen lately, predict the Oscar winners (based on sodas) and rank the best C-3P0 movies.

God bless you!